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Sump Pump Failure

Flooding Due To Sump Pump Failure? We’ve Got You Covered

Sump Pump Failure cleanup by MRC Restoration

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What Causes Sump Pumps To Fail?

  • Burned out pump motor
  • Critical component failure, like the drive shaft, or impeller.
  • Blocked water intake screens.
  • Clogs – Debris or mud can jam the sump pump. Also, the discharge pipe can be clogged by waste water.
  • Stuck or disconnected float switch.
  • Accidents like a blown fuse or unplugging the sump pump by accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Sump Pump Failure

How much does it cost to fix a flooded basement?

Depending on the amount of water to be removed and the equipment and methods used to dry out the basement, the costs of pumping outstanding water and thoroughly drying a flooded basement can range from $500 to more than $10,000.

How do I keep my sump pump from failing?

Planning and maintenance are the best ways to avoid sump pump failures. You could have a defective sump pump, but more often than not, problems arise due to poor maintenance or improper installation.


Identifying the problems that cause your sump pump to fail is key to preventing it from failing in the future. A power outage is the most common cause of sump pump failure. A blackout can cause problems for sump pumps, which rely on your house for power. If this is a common occurrence you should consider installing a battery backup system.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from sump pump failure?

A standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover water damage caused by a failed sump pump in most cases. Water backups and sump pump failures/overflows will only cover property damage – not the repair of the faulty appliance or sump pump.

Can I replace my own sump pump?

It might seem overwhelming to replace a sump pump, but it is a fairly straightforward undertaking that can be undertaken by a homeowner. It is important that you install a sump pump that is the right size for your sump basin and that has enough horsepower to keep your basement dry. Replace an older pump that has performed reliably and satisfactorily for you with a newer model of the same model. You may want to consult a plumber if you need to increase the size or horsepower of the pump if it failed because it couldn’t handle the volume of water.

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