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Water Damage Drying

How to Safeguard Against Secondary Damage

There Are Risks of Excess Water in Your Home

  • Extreme Weather
  • Gutter clogs or breaks
  • Leaking pipes
  • Basement flooding
  • Blockage of drains
  • HVAC condensation

Comprehensive Drying Strategies: Protecting Against Mold and Decay

Proper drying requires more than simply extracting visible water; it requires eliminating hidden moisture that could create long-term issues. At MRC Restoration, our comprehensive approach to drying involves precise moisture mapping, precise dehumidification, and continuous monitoring – targeting even hard-to-reach moisture pockets to minimize mold growth, decay, or future structural issues and create resilient restoration projects that last a long time.

Trust in MRC Restoration’s experience in drying and dehumidifying to restore your property quickly and effectively after any water damage event. Speak to us today about how our advanced techniques can make an impactful difference in the recovery journey of water damage restoration projects.

Trust in MRC Restoration's Expertise

Rely on MRC Restoration’s expertise in drying and dehumidification to expedite and comprehensively restore your property quickly and comprehensively. Our advanced techniques and skilled technicians make an immense difference during water damage restoration processes. For more information regarding best practices and guidelines related to mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings, refer to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings Guide. Reach out today so we can expedite this journey while simultaneously safeguarding its long-term integrity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Drying and Dehumidification

What is the difference between drying and dehumidification?

Drying is the process of removing moisture from materials in your property while dehumidification is the process of removing moisture from the air. Both methods are important in the process of drying out a property to minimize damage and prevent mold growth.

Does dehumidification help control mold?

Dehumidification is the process of reducing the moisture level in the air by extracting excess water. Removing excess water can improve indoor air quality helping prevent mold growth.

How much does drying and dehumidification cost?

Water damage costs increase if not properly managed immediately, the longer the material is exposed to water the more expensive it will be to dry and restore. Costs are always determined by area, size of the damaged area, and how long material was exposed to water. Costs of drying out an affected area could cost around $2000.

When should I get professional help with drying and dehumidification?

Anytime that you notice water damage in your property you should always call a professional to help with drying and dehumidification as much hidden damage can occur. Water in-ceiling and behind walls can be unseen for long periods of time and cause hidden damages like mold and shorts in electrical.

If I have old mold, do I still need to dehumidify?

While dehumidifying will not remove old mold it can reduce additional mold growth from happening. If you notice a mold problem in your property do not wait, call a professional to help remove the mold, stop the moisture leak, and dehumidify to prevent further mold growth.

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