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Sewage Cleanup

Sewer Cleanup Service in Bonne Terre

Water from floods and sewage, or Cat 3 water, is highly contaminated and can contain harmful contaminants. Cate 3 can be any water that comes past the trap in your drainage system, flood water from streams or rivers, driving rains from storms, or surface water from rain. Water that looks clear may have feces, pesticides,  and other harmful contaminants that would make someone sick.

If you have flood damage cleanup or sewage backup cleanup, contact the professionals at MRC Restoration who know how to take care of the cleanup quickly and safely. We also make sure that your home and property is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Call (573)315-6143 for sewage cleanup and removal in Bonne Terre MO. MRC Restoration is your sewer removal experts.

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What to do when your house has water damage

  • Contact MRC Restoration In (573)315-6143 to get a prompt harm evaluation. If a claim is insured by an insurance plan it’s probable that it takes one to take immediate actions to minimize harm.
  • Don’t forget to eliminate flooding water, which might contain dangerous bacteria. Avoid using electric sockets or links.
  • Avoid using electric sockets
  • In the event the matter is pipes connected and you’ve got secure access to a primary water line, then turn off it whenever possible.

What to expect from MRC Restoration water damage cleanup service:

  • Immediate response to your emergency situation.
  • Assessment of the damaged property- the structure together with electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Inspection to identify the source of the water leak.
  • Scope of work to identify the necessary repairs. If the source or a water leak is plumbing in nature, MRC is also a certified and licensed plumbing contractor to make the necessary repairs.
  • Prompt initiation of your repairs; including water extraction and drying..
  • If your (real) property is damaged, MRC has a full-service construction division to restore the structure of your residential, commercial, or industrial property.
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