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Indoor Air Pollution and Toxins

There are several possible contaminates to air quality. Mold is the most common and is caused by airborne mold spores being inhaled into the lungs. Mold growth is unfortunately quite common and is typically caused by excessive moisture in hard to reach areas that is left alone for long periods of time. This makes the basement and attic prime locations for mold growth.

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Mold Testing – What Type of Testing Method?

Air Sampling

Most common way to test for mold is by sampling. The results of sampling the indoor and outdoor air are compared to determine the amount of mold spores in the building. Air sampling can often be used to confirm the presence of mold that is not visible.

Bulk Samples

Bulk sampling is one of the mold testing methods that involves removing a suspected piece of mold-contaminated material such as carpet, wood or sheetrock and analyzing it in a lab to determine what species and genus of mold are present.

Surface Samples

Surface samples consist of either Tape Lifts or Swab Samples. They are collected from the surfaced of a suspected contaminated surfaces and then sent to a third party laboratory to identify the type of mold present and level of contamination.

Visual Inspection

In some cases mold may be visible and air sampling may not be necessary in some cases. MRC Restoration can perform an inspection and provide an estimate for remediation

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Each Crew is IICRC Trained & Certified


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