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Referral Program for Plumbers

Cash Referral Program for Plumbers in Jefferson and Saint Francois County

Liability Program for Plumbers

Inquire about MRC Restoration’s liability program designed specifically for plumbers. Should you inadvertently cause water damage in a residence or commercial establishment, we are ready to offer complimentary or heavily discounted assistance with the drying out process. Reach out to us for further details.

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Informative Guide to Local Regulations for Plumbers

Now that OSHA’s Silica Rule is in full effect, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive dust control solution in place to address the risks linked to respirable crystalline silica exposure. OSHA’s revised standard significantly reduces the acceptable exposure limit to 50 μg/m3, advocating for a 75% reduction for optimal safety levels.

MRC Restoration is ready to implement an OSHA Safety program for Silica dust compliance, offered at no cost to plumbing companies based in Southeastern Missouri.

To Learn more, call 573-315-6143 or email


The current OSHA standard requires you to implement the following requirements:

  • Comprehensive exposure control plan
  • Exposure assessment
  • Engineering and work practice controls
  • Housekeeping
  • Medical surveillance and record-keeping
  • Regulated areas and PPE
  • Communication of hazards

Slab & Drain Line Repair: What Must be Done to Get Started?

Concrete Slab Cut for Plumbing Repair

The Foremost and Highly Accredited Restoration Company in the Field.

IICRC Triple Master

Preparing for concrete breaking in a property involves various pre-repair tasks before the actual work commences. MRC Restoration specializes in assisting plumbing companies with a focused approach to drain line repair projects. 

Our service aims to enable plumbers to concentrate on their trained and licensed duties.

By availing our services, your plumber won’t need to pack or relocate personal items within the workspace. There’s no requirement for demolition, cleaning services, or assuming the role of a general contractor for the repair work. MRC Restoration takes care of all these aspects, ensuring the project is prepared and ready when your plumber arrives.

Billing for our services is typically directed to the property owner’s insurance company. This approach allows you to refer your client to a well-established, licensed, and reputable company, streamlining the process for all parties involved.

Other Services Provided by MRC Restoration

  • Cleaning and decontamination services
  • Mold remediation
  • Full-service reconstruction
  • Contents pack-out / pack back
  • Flooring removal and replacement
  • Containment
  • OSHA Safety Program for Silica dust compliance


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