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The danger of Mold damage in your home or commercial property goes far beyond the cost of repair, it also presents a serious health risk to your family. Often growing in places that aren’t easily seen, mold can sneak up on an unsuspecting property owner fast and should be dealt with as soon as possible. MRC Restoration has 35 years of experience treating all types of mold. If you suspect mold in your home or place of work call MRC Restoration today!
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So, What Is Mold?

Mold, like many types of fungi, help to break down plant and animal matter. It can grow almost anywhere there is moisture and organic material such as in soil, on foods and plants, and in people’s homes. To reproduce, molds release spores, which can spread through air, water, or on animals.

The important thing to remember is that mold is an important part of nature but can be extremely dangerous when found in homes. It is corrosive to building materials and, much more importantly, it can create toxic air within the home. If you suspect mold in your home or business, call us right away.

Our Mold Treatment Services

Regardless of the mold problem you encounter, we can assess, remove, and remediate the issue so you can get back to your life. Take a look at our full range of mold services to determine what is the best fit for you:

With MRC Restoration On The Job, Mold Doesn't Stand A Chance

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Each Crew is IICRC Trained & Certified


Each Crew is IICRC Trained & Certified


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When disaster strikes, you need to make sure your home or business is restored back to its original state. Our team of professionals will get to work quickly and efficiently to fix any issues caused by water damage. Rest easy knowing the job is in the right hands with MRC Restoration. Our skilled professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Making your life better is our priority.
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