Water Damage Restoration

MRC Restoration is an IICRC certified water restoration firm who are experts in handling drywall, hardwood, carpeting and hardwood floors that are wet or damaged due to water. Our team will help minimize your water damage.

Water damage emergency? No problem. MRC Restoration will remove the water from your home or office, dry everything inside, rebuild anything that’s been destroyed, and sanitize the area.

Don’t Wait! Mold can start growing within 24-48 hours if not dried correctly. If you have water damage due to heavy rain, a broken appliance, foundation leaks, sump pump failure, or any other water damage, call MRC Restoration immediately. Our emergency response team is ready 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you handle your loss.



Room appears dry with no damage

Baseboard removal reveals mold and watermark stains begin to show on wall

Drywall removed reveals microbial growth inside wall

Microbial growth from neglected moisture results in dry wall and carpet replacement

What do to if your property has water damage:

  • Contact MRC Restoration At 314-722-6653 for a prompt damage assessment. If your claim is covered by an insurance policy it is likely that it requires you to take prompt action to minimize damage.
  • Remember to keep away from flood water, which may contain harmful bacteria.
  • Avoid using electrical outlets or connections.
  • If the issue is plumbing related and you have safe access to your main water line, turn it off as soon as possible.