Drying Service

After floods or pipe bursts, water can sometimes damage the walls of your home. Left wet, building materials can warp and swell. Every seconded counts when it comes to water damage. It is important to remove any moisture and water quickly, before and materials can be damaged and mold and mildew can grow. When our trained and uniformed professionals arrive at your home or business to perform a free moisture inspection we utilize state of the art practices and technology to locate hidden moisture and develop a procedure to correctly mitigate your home.

MRC Restoration has certified technicians that will promptly and professionally perform the sewage removal in your home or business according to IICRC standards. Our tasks include: protecting occupant health, immediately removing potentially harmful contaminants, salvaging valuable property and restoring the affected environment to a dry, clean and odor-free state.

Wall Drying

It is not always possible to locate water inside your walls by touch, this is why to use moisture detection meters and thermal imaging that will let us locate water hiding inside your walls. We will then install a wall drying system. We carefully remove baseboards to give us access to the inside of the wall. Then, we drill channels that can be used to install our wall drying system. By drilling at floor level, we can help prevent more expensive repairs. Drill holes can be easily concealed when the baseboard is replaced after drying is complete.

Our wall drying systems increases airflow behind the wall, which can help speed evaporation. The drying process can take anywhere from several hours to a few days. By going into the wall in several places, we can ensure that your walls are dried evenly. This is a procedure we utilize on a category 1 water loss, all water damage is unique and your home may require a different protocol.

Carpet Drying


Our process assures that all water and contaminants are removed from your carpet to prevent dangerous contamination. We work quickly and efficiently to return your carpet and home to its pre-flood state. We use high-powered drying fans and other equipment to ensure that all moisture is removed from the carpet, the pad and the structure below. This allows us to ensure that there is no lingering water to cause damage to your home.

Hardwood Floor Drying


Your hardwood floors add value and character to your home. But, in the event of a flood, saving this feature requires fast and decisive action. Information from the EPA says that mold can begin growing in as little as 48 hours after a flood. Whether you experience a burst pipe or a flood from excessive rainfall, we can begin removing water immediately to save your hardwood floors. We put down drying mats and then secure them to get a tight seal. This step allows us to do a thorough and complete drying job. Our powerful extraction equipment pulls all excess water out of your floors. If water is left behind, it can cause flooring to warp or buckle, so we ensure that we use the most efficient equipment to get all water out. By acting quickly and doing a thorough job, we can save your flooring and prevent costly replacements.

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Thermal imaging is just one of the many tools MRC Restoration uses to check for damage. To the naked eye an area may look normal with no damage, but using an infrared camera show damp or wet areas.